Code Of Conduct

In short: be nice. Show respect. Be self-aware and willing to learn and self-examine.

Please avoid engaging in any language or behaviour that is sexist, racist, homophobic, biphobic, acephobic, trans*phobic, ableist, ageist, classist or sizeist. HFC will not participate in any activism perceived to be upholding any part of the kyriarchy.

Other things that are not allowed: violent or eliminationist rhetoric, violent imagery, silencing tactics, derailing, abuse apologia, rape jokes and metaphors, accusations of bad faith, hate speech, the use of marginalising humour, playing the Oppression Olympics, emotional auditing, complaining about ‘political correctness’ &/or ‘free speech’.

Regarding reclaimative language: if you choose to use it in regard to yourself, that’s all good. But be aware that not everyone is comfortable using reclaimative language and, therefore, do not apply it to others. That is to say: define yourself for yourself, and let others define themselves for themselves. Reclaimed language can be triggering to some.

Provide trigger warnings as appropriate.

Do not treat progressive ideals as an abstract theoretical exercise.

Do not play ‘devil’s advocate’.

Don’t argue about the rules. Don’t treat the rules as if they are not applicable to you.

Differences of opinion are welcome, as long as they are voiced respectfully and do not attempt to intimidate, invalidate or otherwise silence other members.

HFC is not a faceless organisation but a group of individuals who devote time and energy to the Collective. It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the work they put in. Constructive criticism is welcome; personal attacks or dismissive comments will not be accepted. The network, and by extension this site, was set up to be a safe space and so it shall remain. Everyone will make mistakes from time to time, but there must be room for that in order for the space to remain safe. We may call you out on expressions of your privilege; you may call us out on ours. Deconstructing privilege furthers learning and progress.

Please note that all comments must be approved by a moderator before appearing. We will not publish any comments that compromise the integrity of the space.

Have fun.