Hampshire Links

Charities, groups and organisations based in Hampshire.

Please note that HFC is not officially affiliated with the following sites. The dates refer to when the link in question was added/last checked.

Abuse & Domestic Violence
Andover Crisis & Support Centre [ 11.8.12]
Aurora New Dawn, Portsmouth [14.7.12]
BRASACC: Basingstoke Rape & Sexual Abuse Crisis Centre [14.7.12]
Fareham & Gosport Family Aid  [11.8.12]
Hampton Trust: Working To Break The Cycles Of Violence, Conflict, Abuse & Social Isolation [14.7.12]
Hollaback Portsmouth [14.7.12]
Southampton Rape Crisis [14.7.12]
Southampton Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Counselling Service [14.7.12]
Southampton Women’s Aid [14.7.12]
Southern Domestic Abuse Sevice [11.8.12]
South Hampshire Women’s Refuge [14.7.12]
Victim Support: South East [14.7.12]
Winchester RASAC: Rape & Sexual Abuse Counselling [14.7.12]

Community, Charities & Support Groups
AgeConcern Hampshire [14.7.12]
Age UK Portsmouth [14.7.12]
B-AWAKE: Basingstoke Aware And Knowledge Exchange [4.9.12]
Carers Together [14.7.12]
Chinese Information & Advice Centre [14.7.12]
Chrysalis: Gender Identity Issues [14.7.12]
DICE: Drop-In Centre, Eastleigh [30.7.12]
Hampshire Constabulary [14.7.12]
Hampshire County Council [14.7.12]
No Limits: Helping Young People Help Themselves [14.7.12]
Southampton Voluntary Services [14.7.12]
TSFR: Tools For Self Reliance [30.7.12]

Disability Support
Adult Social Care, Southampton [14.7.12]
DAIN: Disability Advice & Information Network [14.7.12]
DICE: Drop-In Centre, Eastleigh [30.7.12]
Hampshire Advocacy Regional Group [14.7.12]
Open Sight: Supporting Anyone Whose Life Has Been Affected By Sight Loss, Eastleigh [14.7.12]
Sonus: Working With Deaf People, Southampton [14.7.12]
Solent Mind: For Better Mental Health [14.7.12]
SCIL: Southampton Centre For Independent Living CIC [14.7.12]

Ethical Companies
Books for Free Havant [11.8.12]
Books For Free Southampton [11.8.12]
Feminine Wear, Southampton [11.8.12]
Fuzzi, Winchester [11.8.12]
October Books, Southampton [11.8.12]
Rice Up Wholefoods Ltd, Southampton [11.8.12]
The Art House Gallery Café, Southampton [11.8.12]
Who Made Your Pants, Southampton. [07.09.12]

Feminists Need Fun, Too
Anvil Arts, Basingstoke [14.7.12]
The Art House Gallery Café, Southampton [14.7.12]
ArtSway, Sway [14.7.12]
Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham [14.7.12]
Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth [14.7.12]
Fairfields Arts Centre, Basingstoke [14.7.12]
Fluid Motion Theatre [14.7.12]
Forest Forge Theatre Company, Ringwood [14.7.12]
Hampshire Dance [14.7.12]
Hampshire Libraries [14.7.12]
Harbour Lights, Southampton [30.7.12]
John Hansard Gallery, Southampton [14.7.12]
The Lights, Andover [14.7.12]
The Lodge Arts Centre, Portsmouth [14.7.12]
Making Space: Creative Classes & Workshops, Havant [14.7.12]
The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton [14.7.12]
Proteus Theatre Company, Basingstoke [14.7.12]
The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, Havant [14.7.12]
Theatre Royal Winchester [14.7.12]
West End Centre, Aldershot [14.7.12]

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services [14.7.12]
Education 4 Diversity: An HIV Prevention Service [14.7.12]
Gay Community Health Service, Southampton [14.7.12]
Groundswell: Helping To Support People Affected By HIV [14.7.12]
HIV Prevention Service [14.7.12]
Hampshire NHS [14.7.12]
Healthy Gay Hampshire [14.7.12]
Let’s Talk About It: Sexual Health [14.7.12]
Positive Action: Embracing Life With HIV [14.7.12]
Positively Sexy: An HIV Prevention Service [14.7.12]
SHEA: Sexual Health Of Ethnic & African Communities Of Mid & Northern Hampshire [14.7.12]
Solent Mind: For Better Mental Health [14.7.12]

Other Feminist & Women’s Groups In Hampshire
British Federation Of Women Graduates, Winchester [28.7.12]
Portsmouth Hollaback [28.7.12]
The Sotonettes (W.I  Southampton) [28.7.12]
Solent Feminist Network [28.7.12] NOTE: With some regret, HFC has an official policy of not endorsing SFN or their events. Though we recognise not all their members share the same views, historically our trans* members have not felt SFN was a safe space and we cannot in good conscience endorse them until we have seen significant evidence of change.
Southampton Muslim Women’s Network [28.7.12]
Southampton University Feminist Society [28.7.12]
Southampton Women’s Forum [28.7.12]