HFC needs YOU! ‘Who Needs Feminism?’

Who needs feminism


Starting a discussion about feminism can be difficult.

Take a group of people, and you’ll soon find those that don’t believe in feminism being relevant today. People who “believe in equality”, but aren’t “one of those scary, man-hating feminists”. “You’ve got the right to vote and work and own your own home, what else do you want?!?”.

‘Who needs feminism?’  is an international movement of self-identified feminists standing up and telling the world why feminism is still relevant and needed today. Submissions range from the thoughts of women who are tired of being harassed in the streets, to criticisms of rape culture and the concerns of men afraid to explore more ‘feminine’ pursuits.

Over the next few months, we at Hampshire Feminist Collective are hoping to collect photos of you — yes, you! — and your reason(s) for why you still need feminism. To take part, all you need is a camera, a pen and a piece of card (or a whiteboard if you’re feeling fancy). The first words of your statement should be ‘I need feminism because…’, followed by your own comment. We’ll also be trying to take photos at our meetings on the first Sunday of the month, so please feel free to pop along if you can.

All submissions should be emailed to hampshirefeministcollective[at]gmail[dot]com. Please note that they will be posted in an album to the Facebook page!